TruStats analysis encompasses multiple media channels.


There is much attention paid to the "second screen" and its impact on audience engagement and retention. However, we at TruStats believe the biggest revenue generating battle will actually be over the new "first screen". Viewers are watching more and more time shifted TV. Whether it is by DVRing shows to watch later, streaming online, or downloading from a digital platform or peer-to-peer network; we are rapidly approaching an era where most TV shows will be watched after (or even before) their scheduled airtime.

In addition, much of this viewing will be done on computers and mobile devices. Without understanding the full breadth of this consumption it is impossible to maximize audience size and monetize audience demand. TruStats analyzes more TV show downloads than any company in the world and can cross analyze that data against any social, web, mobile, and third party data sources.


There will never be a substitute for talented writers, actors and directors in Hollywood. However, in order to increase revenue, protect against loses, and monetize global audience demand, the film industry must embrace data driven decision making. From release timing, to target audience segmentation and post theatre distribution planning; TruStats provides the film industry with an unmatched ability to understand and predict audience demand.


Audience retention is the lifeblood of success in radio. The biggest driver of retention is the ability to provide your listeners with playlists that appeal to them, and/or subject matter that intrigues and entertains them. Radio broadcasters must now connect with audiences on multiple channels. From web, to social, to the airwaves, we empower unmatched behavioral segmentation of your target audience, and allow you to predict and deliver content that will resonate with your listeners.


There may be no industry more affected by the shift to digital consumption than the music industry. As profit margins shrink, using data to drive strategic revenue generating activities is more important than ever. TruStats uses its unmatched understanding of global audience demand to deliver actionable intelligence. From sponsorship and licensing, to product placement, tour planning, and distribution let us increase your ability to convert your music catalog and fans into revenue.

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Video games are the highest revenue-generating subsector of the entertainment industry. However, there is still a lack of comprehensive audience and consumer intelligence solutions serving the gaming sector. Across PC, mobile, and console games, there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for producers, distributers and retailers to increase revenue by better understanding and predicting consumer demand for content. TruStats is unmatched in its ability to micro-segment gamers across behavioral metrics.

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Every day there is more unmonetized demand for software than any other form of media. Unfortunately, the software industry lacks the timely and accurate audience intelligence required to convert this demand into revenue. From marketing, to subscription model innovation, and product demand analysis; TruStats can empower your organization with the data and insight you need to better monetize your software.


Advancements in technology and the overall internet of things have made audience and consumer attention more fragmented than ever before. Demand and sentiment can change across any segment in the blink of an eye. Clicks, views, and likes can be important, or can meaningless. Analytics based on past internal business results can be leading indicators, or relics with no future value. We cross analyze the world’s largest proprietary peer-to-peer digital download data set against mobile, social, web, third party, and your first party data to provide an unprecedented cross-channel understanding of your target audience and consumer.

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  • Content Relevancy Scoring
  • Social Engagement
  • Product Placement
  • Sponsorship Evaluation
  • Campaign Production
  • Commercial Casting
  • Campaign Timing
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The digital advertising market is saturated with hundreds of data providers, multiple DMPs, real-time bidding, agencies, publishers, etc. TruStats's goal is to provide a simple value proposition. If you are interested in adding cookie-free demographic, behavioral, and psychographic audience segmentation to boost the power of your offerings, contact us.


The publishing industry is faced with the daunting task of having to serve as a hub for timely, relevant and engaging content. Articles, pictures, and increasingly video, must resonate with your target audience or that audience will go elsewhere. In addition, social discovery of news is becoming so powerful, that your audience itself is also competition for the attention and engagement that feeds your revenue. How do publishers battle this nexus of forces and ensure they optimize content, cater to audience demand, and deliver for their advertisers? TruStats has the comprehensive audience intelligence solutions to take you to that next level.

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  • Content Curation
  • Content Relevancy Scoring
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Tag Selection
  • Content Optimization
  • Social Engagement
  • and more!

When making investment decisions, pricing forecasts, or sector evaluations it is essential for research analysts, hedge funds and asset managers to have access to leading indicators of audience and consumer demand. Often this forward-looking insight can be the clearest assessment of future earning potential.

TruStats is the only company that cross analyzes keyword, tagged and location enriched social data against IP verified digital download data in real-time. We provide the finance industry with validated and quantifiable audience and consumer demand data for TV, film, music, video games, and software across demographic, behavioral, and psychographic metrics.

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There have been many advancements in business intelligence that help retailers both brick and mortar and online make better sense of internal data. What the retail industry has struggled with is evaluating external data sources to uncover leading indicators of consumer demand. TruStats’s real-time and predictive understanding of both global and local consumer demand can empower your organization with the ability to make better purchasing, marketing, distribution and pricing decisions.

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