About Us


A Concentrated Effort

TruStats is poised to become one of the leading providers of real-time and predictive audience intelligence. Through our multi-channel assessment of global digital media demand and consumption, we enable our clients to more effectively identify, reach and cater to their target audiences and consumers.

Your audience does not live in a vacuum so why should your intelligence? We believe mobile, social, web, peer-to-peer, and offline data are all key components of any successful audience intelligence strategy. Our proprietary Adaptive Dynamic Analytics allows us to understand the relevance and reach of this multi-channel consumption in real-time. As consumer demand and interactions constantly shift, we pride ourselves in anticipating and quickly reacting to new data sources. We also have one of the largest first party digital media consumption data sets in the world.

TruStats's mission is to find the most innovative ways for utilizing Big Data to understand the wants and needs of global consumers